WHGJCzWlhwZOW!! OqWLvasWhy Every Judge BactiGKdked Up This ProdNcsYTjSQduct?YYLccaMJnM?!!


(ET, ) - It was the most watched episode in Shark Tank history when Trevor Hiltbrand, a Stanford UnivesJkPqZylxrsitSURTnllTy StudenFwVULjOJQt, nedFOUiNPRts the biggest deal in Shark Tank history as all 5 sharks teamed up to buy 25% of the company for a staggering $2QSMDeYRS.5 minuWUlkXllioCIEFMrSKn dolGPlfQrlars! After taking over the emerginuKyYMg heaopCuClTLIjlth industry in jusxoMQBWGMUt 6 monthsFPdIlycUJ, he is now ready to take over the world with the help of the sharks. After a complete re-brand and re-packagaYyKfjcbmkingxlVrdaM,HsDtzEx Trevor is now ready to launch the Keto Ultra Bottleâ„zGClT¢ in the UnrgRhYtkKEUited States.

Never before had thpVeKKe judging paWaLLrZJnel unanimously decidedwjzcbjlIjH to each invest millieDvCfNmvons of dollars into a pXctYpDFaoteXemHChalIntial company.

After buying a staggering 25% shacjwvvfrXAOrJe in the TrevgvaCSUyfobKRFTIJr's company,aTzEYksWC the Shark Tank panel havpjXzBSQLe personPwrrgSdally mentored him, helping him undeacZAKmrgo re-branding and re-packing of his miracle product.

Touting his discovery as “the gBBtAhaTreatesNjCMACt step forwardAgEqVsiD in weight-nXmihiBloss history,” the judgWbPyDTCes were quivFNYLck to offer up theihUIZOmqCr hard earned cash to back tMcfvElqVhe enwWkVgfHSRtrepreneurial young maRUQfbbtCSan.

“UifREIpRlccp was shocked. TyrQDdBTvThe most I was hoping for wqIyRPTTas some advice…I wasn't even sure that I wouldMvOakH manaYhGgGhdge to get anoGANTsy inMFovcITmxNvestorsgkOWXAFLVc,” explained Trevor.

AftNCEweRkwer outstanding offers from each pexuIyPanel member, the younghCCTjdVa man burst into tears.

GfVab kDlKlbETH

“It didn’taekWVPJRwt feelBdxzq real. The fact that all these successful, busiEBkmDlness-iWxZJminded people wanted to be apart of what We were doinUPSMkmuuOcgcIbnE asPoMasnd willing to invest their own money, it wasqYEnNmy very emeomcCMotional!” explained Trevor's partner.

The young man is the first contestant in the showâLaoOppBtvb€™s lvSsdmZNUCong duraHpWwgsvtxtioniTuoY to ever receive a staACvmwndieUXXfbHCUng ovation and ofjwyaiRKtsEfers of investment fvhzpVqVvHrom alldetpQhjw panel members. Trevor and his team said thMVFYJRyCmey celebrated the succIXxZiFoiTless withjJdKakig champagne and cake when the episode wrapped.

AYkYeX The Stanford student was the first conteNZPOvhstant in Shark Tank history to rByywCeXfQIvaZceive invesgtsObKFMtment offers from all fivLDoWjThthe pahmPmvvnel meTIdzJmbers.

Since filming the show-stopping episode, Trevor has been hard at work putting triOXEUyNXRhe adeUToiuSelhvice of his mentors into playqgMLVVa.

“We completZytjlely re-branded our companyBXOyWR and came up with new packaging,â€HpCnFuE said Trevor's partner.


This young man'gvBWpazs small team recezRLAZntly unveiledZHODSWq the product tcSqzqdGxAhat netted them millions of dollars inwwFyKX investments.

“The product we dispVtGYxkBlayed on the srUbszmSrtWhoiNPUnw have been rebranded into the Keto Ultra Bottle. It’yZtLTYalsfs the oOjHfjsZvbriginal formuAXmowala, alyoZZWl weâQWSZNH€™ve done is change the name and the packaging,” explained TrZuHPQWxcGievor.

These students launched the products for sale through theiUtlWQr companyGOQAMmZqKl website aTcydEynHeQnd saGLlrtVCMy theYoebaIBy sold ouFAeTot within 5 minutes.

“We evemvbUyen made sure we had more prXQcnEaTECjoduct than wyIXshSe thougZuctsht we could sell,ZalCRNcfPg but all of it sold out within five minutotVitmqes!” excAoFTVwOzlaimed TZiTJlIrevor.

WtEERHyhile the Shark Tank investors are toEkdcgasting to their smart business move,POMtDGHRCi womeYjtZJwPAn around are flocZddiDOking online to purchase KALvpYgweto Ultra BottleWbBfEYe and say the resufoUxwuArqOlts have been lilSyNQVfe-cCXHTjFmMjhOdTDTanging.

Clinical trials of Keto Ultra BottlWhzfbPVkNe have uncoverYdfXCcNned that womsEurfVDlen who used the KetovLgeQJvAOq Ultra Bottle were alwKUVXYSnrble toxkSSWwYUT drIPTRQipjTDastically rEbRzTZqMeduce the fat aJCXYXaKNnd with continued use prevented the signs from reoccurringtgAUmtF.


“Keto UltraNXEJCjDX BotVEIrzWJtlasjfpe is revolutioniziBpqjamtSFlng losing weight medicine,” explained BrqiatILZdparbara Corcoran fxAJAlrom Shark Tank.

CELpDAjgFOEBRITIES LOVEHLyruoiOZ KetqfqjLo Ultra Bottle

“Keto UltrcVJXKgBBXwaffIVVND Bottle is ground-brYLPWluIeaking. They are the only crgETsYnompany in the woSVAQIrld who can effectKMNbDJAQivQnwXfDGPoely block tsylAhhe fat production in a safe and healthy mannernUwAhyBHZ.” - ChrMoUUMCfMCistJYSpATMOquina Aguilera


“I’KwWfDPUve been usinKMoPQMmZKnuDByDg KetoauNUr Ultra Bottle as a prepsxzEZvkventativeDcYoxGs measure for months and I’m amazed at the change in theODLggJK conditiokYlRHvSKhEn of my body. My boOQCdEdy has never felt so healthy or looked so good!âtRuZfT€ - Jessica Simpson

“I have a hectic schedule and I dotbLRUhvn’t have a lot of tMsjJRPime to devotknJaTeOpRe to exercise routines. That’s why I love Keto Ultra BottHTynKzHle! Just a few minutes evMhHWcMjery morninuppQOpwug andlfJLuKBYmu nighTcTocjVoHt kJftBsADjWeeps my boNayBgOXdy bmClWAdTNEeautiful and healthy.” - Lena DunhamCKHxdUeCi

âPPaZwTC€œI feel amtYdzLeazing...andEFejrkvnfF I finally said, 'Oh, for God'sepkwpLuA sake, stop worrying about my wQOXAuVunkeight,' and it mayOYOscMsit be txtEIACjUheFbtgW best thing IyXjaSuiBEO've ever dobWLBine!wwfCxvizâ€kMneo - Wendy WilligniwWamsaSUUrDmGS


For a litFpBPoqRmESDEEwknZited time anyone can tSCsnrCsSry Keto Ultra Bottle for free!

That’s right, Keto Ultra Bottle are giving awyyURXlakaKay samples of their Instant Fat RedYyHSioVzuction Bottle for FREE.

The only cost yIZLrdIou wilXSDvGBYbl inVBlRuUicur is the disLqPTJQcUbgknCounted shippidjGPdng rate of $4.9RGaVbryN5. The magic bottle will then be delivered straight to your door andwUBpmNJ ready to use immediately.

RememberYlJeBkdz it’s important that yKeGKYou use the Keto Ultra Bottle to achieve the fulveViVDl fat-burningHXaAZpKjO resDsRYGNthUDults.


This offer won’t last for long so make sureSGwazicZ you follow the link belowLJSjcc to claim your fpOsSNfAUkree sample today before they all run out!

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Laura J., age 50KCcDuLmAR submFnrBctqitted this photo of her resuiACYcfaxnlts with Keto Ultra Bottle. You look great, LauErjBBAeBxyra!

"yoibMeqGkTheggIOhwvgnC Keto UlnNODBnefFmtra Bottle is the absolutpNIJtdJNWue besXAySHLfXt werZpsDuiRoVcuhXdght losing product I've ever ucqyyiKkJseZnmKlzyd. I thought nLddniG my days of loVldqhomfNPUHtHLkiACDiSng slim were long gone. I can't thank you enough for tBJrLEPzJpkhis!"

Laura J.
NxJWPTfKcApew YorkyxrVw, NY


"I've beeJBFWCPwaqn trying to get rid of my bePvIANlly fat for almost tHzwzzUThe whole puberty.PxTqdt KeSFpbHtoMgJWDCQewu UtHLabTVXltra Bottle goyoCAGPGqct rid of them in a monthQUNTHxz. ThanDoOyJEJks so much!"

Jessica S.
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"vbquwdFor the first time in forevebtrvppSWhBr I am finallDzjrlGDBCy happyHGHXgxSpF when I look in the mQnPrEasSOeirror every morning. I haven't feltmomhZUmlQ thiSoeekvis confidenYsXhHt inaLdbJy decades!"

Tiffany C.
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BEFORNeZBkddgjHE &amFWwhfLnbp; AFTER

"Thank God I didn't go throughYMotCwuj with thatiZxXNhK weight lift... I gotPCnxKRjT the same resultJtVrlCogs,mGnzPCP for lessLvWRwAI than a cup oxIiSwawJeSf cofPMkWJoplfee!"

Christina Novotney
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"Ive onJKEjcsimxly been using the KetXIbAFqro Ultra Bottle for 2 weeks, and I love it!!!!!IjpAymwDg!!! I have seen a visible change in my body, best oEskFOf all my husbaRJtyTkhgJnd complimented me on mydaeargOt shape after just 2 weeks!!!!! He thought I had liposuction, and I did'nt that is just fabuloyZJtcKgCmJus!!!!!!!!"

Carol KeUsCbODJleIhAygAaGPHton
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"I have been using Keto Ultra BottaCewOtsYZgle and I am incredibUNLJkrVEly impressed with ttkQyTkWhe results! My belly is flatter and iQhxIlt is veryVunhVJLy ajSnyPQzhnpparent that my skin is more compbgLHUjtfactCegyiGykN."

Briana Smith
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"YES!! FinallxnGMyqQuy, I havvjrDqkFe found a losingNquJl weight product that works. AFQsYaSNt 33 years old this is the first time I've had products that wosyuThptULWrk for me."

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AddpuOmxLT a commenrwKdpjLsrgt


Tohloria Lewis

I have been using this fatKTKNKVtiHi burning pill for 3 weeks now, and I seriously reduce 20 lbs! Not quite as good as Anna and Trevor, but I will take it when it was less than 5 bucks for shipping! My back aHGiinHpLTInd belly fat are meltVbDCeLMZdOing away more and more every day. Thank you so muAXevzucwBlVzUNlh for reporting on this!

Reply. 12 minuxkmBwtes aqRtuNigo


Tanya Porquez

I saw Anna and Trevor presenting Keto Ultra Bottle on CNN a while ago and am jeRQgzgCTstill usingrSVakp the pill. I've been using the products for about 6 wksglqauS. Honestly, this is unbelievable,fjcJkVP all I have to say is WOW.

Reply. 13 minutes ago

Jennifer Jackson Mercer

A frpmcSoPwiend of mine used and recommended it to me 3 weeks ago.tYRmCigd I ordered the product and received it within 3 days. TRymsHFhe results havwNIsYLAe beenxZHQjSE incredible and I can't wait to see what wiikRHfKHeeks 3 aPvfvJHPgand 4 brUmFsDEing.

Reply. 25 minutes ago


Kristy Cash

I wish I knew about this product before I had liposuction! It would have saved a heck of aIbQJNdV lot of money!

RFtXrteply.MaZEkZof 46 minutes ago

Katy Barrott

I can't believe this is really free! I am verywgupsV much pleasednSBOSL after using thiLbhRkOhdubs product.

ReplyfuWZLAZ. about an hour ago

Amanda Gibson

I saw this on the neAfOdvawws. How lucky is QPDDzOPZ KiQXbsMHlIUKm to have been given this opportunity!?!?! Thank youaDXpmrI fthJbKor sharing thidWzsVVWs articJsgEdkdhle! I just ordered mybEEzpEfv free sample.

RLfafOAueply. 1 hour ago


JuwesILlie KeyseFdlbGbUCIg

prYKzffobaQvJLaPtDPJbly IzQxEPMJCl'PIatpBgm a bit moCJgSdazre overkQkDmyJAdTweight thanjcrRT moPFeicRWaAsaHgPWXst of you folks. but Keto Ultra Bottle wotJhmqQlrjpuJoked for me too! LOL! I cwIEUduLWdan't say anything more exciNlYlodtinZBFWDyTodg. Thanks for the iEVkAVBGSnspiratieBizPZon!

RepwJkSWUqlXilGEjUbnCgy. 2 hours aXLqYuHgo


Sarah Williams

My sister diuNZxQd this a few monthAdLmRxtJfs ago,IBLPifk I waitDIzLtYqed to order my sample tgTesSzgEWo seesXHqUWNmc if it really worked and then they szgvLkPSstopped giving outnChcXr the samples! whJcGLzMFat a dumbKtEUmB move that turnednkyAgaf out to be. glad to see the sampllxNnrSves are back again, I wont make the same miEUXXYaShCstake.

Reply. 2 houDRlhNrs ago


KirdLKtjnVMsten Bauman Riley

I'm goinIybyflYgg to give tgRCutIKDUAhis productwpIKx a chance txpJAMqUJUCo work its magic on meZioQDNHrU. I've tried everything out there and so far nothing has been good eMaiiWOnough to hLVJHmelp me.

Reply. 2 hours ago


Celia Kilgard

worked for me! It worked just likXjKBvsAe I thoughAXjsYvhQWt it would.awKKwLNw It was easy elIWcenough and I just wanndVsFeTt others to know when something works.

RjHSMaKOsfJeply. 2 hiYZPvYDours ago

Alanna 'martinPJmOpkXaV' Payne

Thanks for the info, just startvQEkOWIqpked mine.

Reply. 2 hours agTcZwZHo

Alice Chang

BeBTZZMDKen so busy wiohgFMbxth thRjJPJXYe kids lately that I'moKlBON never able to fibIsOBHaPnd deals like this. I'll give it aaSDsQwIZXX shotUPvJgW!

Reply. 2 hours ago

Mark Fadlevich

Always impressed witzlCmymCyEEh the deals you guys dig up, got my sample.AZDWePmnj Can't wait to see what youacVKovsgp've got lined up next week.

Reply. 2 hours ago

Ashley O'Brien Berlin

Yes this sHmnIjtutuff is amazing! My best friend atuxoXX Gina uses this, I've beeZYegTOXozBn trying for years to get rid of my belly and nothing was helping. You alerted me to the poZyNRarBbsGVkELsibility of achieving my gjfansFzLfAoals, which is lookrkjOMukidxevKQWkEng greatiTRBNGaS for my daughter's wedding. I just oEzPStbrdered theNJgBYiJuyu frLCouexeQDLee sample and I have a very good feeling about it!!

Reply. 2 hourszluUsIt ago

Amanda Hickam

Hey Christine, i just placed myZBtRRx oqGOTKHhSgyrderxCwOS. I can't woJFegWtait toQEWSuHtZJ get my Keto Ultra Bottle!! Thanks, Aimee xoxoxo.adWupAkb

Reply. 3 hours ago


BrittyfbtrammmanWSkbmoOCWly Jackson

My mom just e-maileIPYpYd measPwLKaCw tCjEVaVhis, a friend at work hadPUXtpDfSh told her aboutgSJFGQLQO it. i guess itaiTSEUZBQ works really weDxMWkTmell


Reply. 3 hours ago

Shellie Wilson Hodge

TelcBvSHizlingGlKJEKKY all my frVvPaHpiends about tcMXEaTHqAKhis, thanx for the info

RennLlkSply. 3 hours ago

Jill PhNuPakPHoMVNtaocNHWngsa

wasn't sure about oYdWNGQardering onlHPwXrVTDine but thisxKSBmRu deaXXTqBUHluQxsbE seals it for me,YMQLMon didn't want toqehSwN mOMNAEiss out. checkwuPwCted out the pages and all is encryptelEwIOOcld and gooWxjwnd. lookinbViHZeQYtAg forward to my neWmLMXaWNcwdEjvy looks

Reply. 4 hourphVues ago


Molly MupDUouorley Davis

I've gone aheYiamgNWawBad and oChtEBixYrdered my sample. I can't wait to get started and see what happens.


Reply. 6 hours awRUvzbXqzgo

Jenna Ponchot Bush

As a realtor it'yxbfKgs important to look and fcUhoBnEXmWeel my best, unfortunately the housing market isn't doing that great so cash has beebzwsxujhn a little tight lately. Thanks for the info, lGBKvPpqrWgooking forward to receeXdrlDfivingtSojnPPji my sample bottle.

RwbiXtXXmnGeply. 8 hours ago

Laura Kwfbphygelch Miranda

I have tried sPiXlmqQyo much of this kind of stuff, in one sense I want to try it but iAoeEtCwjaqn the back of my minxVgsZXd I am thinking,IWsNfQTFs yeah right!! SomeRQBSWQIoneRkJYVBcyy please reassure me it works.ssdSrZvIS


Reply. 8 hours ago


Sara Berghkpnizeger

I tried the bottle thing a while ago and it worked preXqGEIeUtty good.

Reply. 8 hours agoQUCdAWpC

LaurlUrZvzen KNDJQDrNYircGhNMloIschenbaum Silver

For once I was able to do something nichNlZdHe for myseXyAzFhJNelf without feeling guilty about the cost. Can't beat free.

Reply. 8 houQTxYeQNqrs ago

Gotmy Mindframe Right


HabVIJLJId no idea youECkFeCnNX could geBojzUt results like tPuPPMiysdBhis.


ReVIrRJOsekOply. 9 hourDTCPIbs ago

# social phfmRvSvlugin


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